BLAUPUNKT Hair Straightener HSB601-Ηλεκτρική βούρτσα μαλλιών




BLAUPUNKT Hair Straightener HSB601-Ηλεκτρική βούρτσα μαλλιών

An impeccable hairstyle is a goal many women set themselves every day. Especially those ladies who struggle with unruly curls every day, and dream of straight and smooth hair. The straightening brush is a perfect product to help with hard-to-manage hair. It takes just a few minutes for the hair to go smooth.
Blaupunkt’s HSB601 is a high-quality brush for smoothing hair and improving the overall hairstyle. Easy to use, practical and time saving, are just a few of the advantages of this device.

When designing the brush, the manufacturer paid special attention to the care of the healthy and nourished hair of the user, equipping the HSB601 with a special ceramic and keratin coating, which includes revitalising therapy with argan oil. This process allows you to gradually acquire soft and shiny hair, without adversely affecting it, but acting as a moisturizing and healing treatment.

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