Mini dv camera with voice recorder




Mini dv camera with voice recorder

• Ultra small size of alloy airframe intergration design, a variety of occasions to facilitate easy recording/monitoring.
• Recorded the impact voice-activated trigger function to facilitate the deployment of video, a longer time, you want the recorded images.
• With PC camera function, the network relax to enjoy life.
• AVI format video recording, broadcast convenience PC,to essily upload video sites
• Illumination,2 million high-definition camera.
• High-speed dynamic video,instant response to light environment.
• Video output: 640x480px 30m frame / second.
• Built-in lithium battery for 2 hours continuous use, voice-activated video can use more time.
• 2G with Mini SD memory card, maximum support expansion card 8G.
• Mini USB charging data cable to connect computer and video upload download transfer function.
• Full to the folder with the use of small gimballed to the whole point of recording / monitoring functions.
• Easy installation,suitable carrier materials, the installation of the use of complex scenes.

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